December 2020

Gingerbread Houses

Check out all of the Gingerbread House submissions below.

1) Chloe Youngblood - AoL

3) Maryah Tillman - Tiger

"Winter Wonderland"

Emma's going for a sleigh ride.

5) Lucas Treague (with brother Andrew) - Wolf

"Minecraft City"

Featuring a TNT block, Enderman, Cow with mushrooms, Pig, dead Creeper, and Minecraft person

7) Levi Seleskie - AoL

9) Sawyer Seleskie - Tiger

11) Dominic DeLawer - AoL


13) Jack Reed - AoL

15) Blake Hanson - Bear

17) Caden Cretzmeyer - Wolf

"The Christmas Castle"


19) Kahler Rudin - AoL

"The Christmas Bunker"

Low profile, well fortified with various hard candy’s and frosting, able to take a direct areal assault from gumdrop bombers or infiltrating force of gingerbread men.

21) Grayson Feller - AoL

"Christmas Snow Golem"

(with associated Christmas Minecraft house)

23) Beau Brown - AoL

"Beau's Winter Wonderland"

25) David Adam - Tiger

"Most Bling"

27) Aidan Jamison - Bear

"Teal Steel in Santa's Village"

2) Jack Seleskie - Bear

4) Liam Youngblood - Tiger

6) Nicholas Tillman - AoL

"Gingerbread McDonald's"

With candy cane "Golden Arches" and a Hamburger on the roof with REAL cheese!

8) Logan Watson - Webelos

"Giant Gingerbread"

It's 17" tall, 16" long, and has battery operated lights on the inside. It took 3 cans of frosting to decorate

10) Ryan Farmer - Tiger

"Yummy House"

12) Nathan Crislip - AoL

"Nathan's Sweet House"

Candy cane "lights", peppermint tile walkway, Marshmallow gutters

14) Bradley Arnett - Tiger

"Grinch Cave"

Including a Santa Grinch!

16) Jaden Reed - Wolf

18) Reid Hanson - Lion

20) Leo Dahlin - Tiger

22) Rosemary Adam - AoL

"Most Delicious"

24) Anders Dahlin - Wolf

26) Bo Westlake - AoL

"The Caroler's Tent"

28) Prabhav Dasari - Webelos

"Tasty Winter Cabin"

29) Alexander Munoz - Tiger

"Rabbit Town"

A village filled and run by bunnies.

30) Matt Burton - Webelos

"Scout House"

There is a sledding hill, a campfire, a bench and a big tree.

31) Kate Rust - Bear

"Candy Camp"

32) Grant Jamison - Bear

"Santa Station @ North Pole"

33) Matthew Rust - AoL

"Candy Castle"

34) Ethan McKloskey - Bear

"The Candy Wrapper"

This luxurious house comes with red raspberry bushes that are currently budding, with its exclusive peppermint windows and skylights the roof also comes covered in M&M Christmas lights.  

35) Kaoni Sampoang - Webelos

"Santa's Cabin"

36) Benji Blake - Webelos

"COVID 2020, an exhausted perspective"

A bold modern take emphasizing the dumpster fire that was 2020. The viewer is left feeling the cold, socially distant, 6-foot isolation, but the artist leaves us feeling hope that 2020 might finally go to its grave. Rest in peace, and may you never return.

37) Eli Ratnayake - Webelos

38) Nikhil Tripathi - Tiger

"Sourpatch Kids Winter Hotel"

Edible glitter coated Graham crackers and frosting with lots and lots of Sourpatch Kids. 🤣

39) Emmett Jamison - Lion

"Santa's Candy Workshop of Gumdrops"

40) Grady Frye - Bear

"Minecraft Christmas!"

House and grounds are covered with graham cracker blocks.  Inside the house features a Christmas tree, fire, and bed.  The exterior grounds have a frozen river, ice skating rink, outdoor fire and some lovely trees!  Steve is at the door to welcome any holiday visitors! 

41) Mason Behning - Webelos

42) Isaac Hoffman - Webelos

"Candy Cottage of Caloofedom"

It's cool, neat, and a little guy named Johnny lives inside of it.

43) Ansh Gupta - Webelos

"Awesome Gingy"

One big house with a car and a tiny house with sled on top in front yard.

44) Owen Nielsen - AoL

45) Sawyer Lau

"The Delicious House"

46) Jack Geller - Lion

47) Matthew Farmer - Webelos

48) Luca Recker - Wolf

49) Kellan & Rowan Nourse - Tiger/Wolf

50) Owen Kiefer - Webelos