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Welcome to Woodbury, MN Cub Scout Pack 60!

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Each year, we:

• sing songs • perform community service • bake cakes • perform skits • race cars • go camping • eat s’mores • go sledding • tell jokes • learn about our community • go fishing • launch rockets • walk in parades • shoot bow and arrows • play games • laugh • help others • cheer • meet new friends •


We currently serve 40+ families from Bailey and Liberty Ridge Elementary Schools, and Resurrection Lutheran Church in Woodbury, MN.

We are looking for boys and girls in grades K-5 to join us and help us have some fun! 

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What is Cub Scouts?

Cub Scouting is fun for the whole family. In Scouting, boys and girls start with their best right now selves and grow into their very best future selves. It’s fun, hands-on learning and achievement that puts kids in the middle of the action and prepares them for today – and for life.

In Pack 60, we accept all boys and girls in grades K-5.  Scouts are placed into Dens with other scouts from their grade.  Dens meet 1-2 times a month to work on activities to help them learn life skills as they earn the rank for their grade level.  Then, once a month, we gather as an entire Pack (all scouts K-5) to participate in fun activities, and learn about what other events are coming up. Throughout the year, we have numerous other activities planned, including 2 campouts each year.  Participation in all of our events is optional, so don't worry if you can't attend everything.  All of our activities are family friendly, and siblings are more than welcome to participate.

Our Pack Website - https://www.pack9060.org/

This website is becoming our one-stop-shop for information about upcoming events.  It's a work in progress... but instead of digging through emails, the website is proving to be a cleaner experience for finding what you need to know.

Our Facebook Page - https://www.facebook.com/WoodburyPack60

Follow our Facebook page to see pictures from some of the things we do!

Pack Meetings

From September- May, we meet as an entire Pack (grades K-5) once each month, usually on the 2nd Thursday, from 6:30-8:00pm, either outdoors at Resurrection Lutheran Church -9925 Bailey Rd, Woodbury, MN , or indoors at Lake Middle School Cafeteria - 3133 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury, MN.  There, we will do all sorts of fun activities such as the Bear Carnival, Cake Decorating Contest, making sandwiches for the homeless, science demonstrations, etc.  This is also where we will promote our upcoming Pack Outings.

COVID challenged us, but we were able to adapt have been able to still provide a fun, engaging, and successful program through a combination of outdoor meetings, and respectfully planned indoor events.  We are confident that we can still provide a successful program, no matter the circumstances.

Pack Outings

Each month, we will also try to have some type of gathering for the entire pack. Sometimes it will be a service project, like cleaning up the church grounds, or ringing bells for the Salvation Army. Other times, it will be purely fun, like snow sledding, historical tours, or walking in the Woodbury Days parade.  Our scouting year usually ends with our Pinewood Derby, and a Pack Picnic/Awards Ceremony

Den Meetings

Each of the Scouts will be assigned to a den of about 8-10 Scouts, all from the same grade level. It is in the den meetings that the Scouts will work on accomplishing some of the requirements to earn their rank badges. Parent involvement is expected in the K-1st grade dens, preferred in the 2nd-3rd grade dens, and appreciated in the 4-5th grade dens. Dens generally meet 1 time per month, but may meet more depending on how ambitious the Den Leader is, and how involved the scouts/parents are.

Den Outings

In addition to Den Meetings, each den tries to schedule an outing each month that will reinforce what was discussed at the den meeting and/or complete additional requirements. This may be a visit to a museum, park, police station, etc.


Part of the Cub Scout experience is meeting and getting to know new friends. Therefore it is encouraged that Scouts attend ALL of the events that we provide.  However, we understand that families often have competing priorities and cannot possibly attend everything, so don't feel bad if you have to miss an event or three. Any rank requirements that are covered at an event can be made up at home with the family.  The parent can mark items as complete just the same as any of the Scout Leaders.

To help you plan ahead, click here to see our tentative yearly calendar


The National Registration Fee for Cub Scouts for 2023-2024 is $205/year.  This fee covers your child's membership in the BSA, and supports our Northern Star Council, their camps, and all of the activities and services that they provide. Our Pack only receives a small portion of this registration fee. Instead, our Pack operates almost solely off our fundraising efforts in order to pay for our Fall Campout, neckerchiefs/slides, awards/patches/belt loops, materials for Pack/Den meetings, and any costs associated with most of our Pack/Den outings.  Because of our success is getting families to participate in our Fall Fundraisers, we try our best not to charge additional for any of our activities except for Council-run events such as their Winter and Summer camps. Therefore, it is requested that each family meet a designated sales quota during our Fall Fundraisers, which also allow a Scout to earn a credit toward future camp and registration fees.


We hold 1 fundraiser a year which covers the other 80% of our annual operating costs.  Starting in September, and running through October, we sell Scout Popcorn and Christmas Wreaths.  Fundraising isn't required... but we kindly ask that each Scout sell $350 worth of product in order to cover their fair share of the cost to operate our Pack. If you choose not to participate in the fundraiser, we ask that you pay a $100 fee to cover the fair-share cost of supporting your Scout.  Participating scouts will earn an invitation to our Fundraising Reward Party if they meet their quota!  Scouts who sell MORE than their quota will earn 20% of the additional sales back towards a Scout Account, which can be applied toward the cost of summer camp, annual dues, uniforms, or anything else scout related. Some of our scouts earn enough through this fundraiser to pay for their summer camp each year, and still have money left over!  Not only do these fundraisers help fund our Pack, but they help provide life experiences for the Scouts such as learning to set goals, work as a team, communicate with adults, and handle rejection.

Class A (Field) Uniform

Each Scout will need to have a Class A (or Field) uniform to wear to the Pack and Den meetings. This uniform consists of a blue or tan Scout shirt (required), hat (recommended), belt (recommended), neckerchief/slide (provided), and scout pants(recommended) or blue jeans.  Uniforms and patches can be found at the Scout Shop (more information about this later).

Class B (Activity) Uniform

Some of our events, like our annual picnic, are more casual. At these events, it is not required to wear your Class A (Field) uniform.  Instead, you can wear a Class B (Activity) uniform, which is simply any scouting related t-shirt, or any shirt that does not have any logos or writing on it.  As part of your welcome package, your Scout will be receiving a Pack 60 Class B shirt to start off their collection.

Fall/Winter/Summer Camp

Currently, the only major Pack events that have additional costs are the Fall/Winter/Summer camps that are run by the Council.  These camps are optional, but are great fun for the Scouts and their families, and satisfy many requirements for their rank advancement, all at once!  Traditionally... new scouts will receive a voucher for a FREE Fall Day Camp.  More information about the Fall Day Camp can be found here: https://camp.northernstar.org/fall-day-camp

We highly recommend taking advantage of this offer!

Scoutbook - https://scoutbook.scouting.org/

Scoutbook is our online calendaring, messaging, and advancement tracking tool.  After joining, you will receive an email from us inviting you to create an account and log in.  One connected, you will be able to see information about your Scout's Den (a grouping of Scouts in the same grade), and calendar events that you have been invited to. Most importantly though, you will be able to see your Scout's progress toward their next rank.  From there, you will be able to check off anything that she accomplishes on her own with her family or other groups... and her Den Leader will be able to approve it from there.

What We Provide

Upon joining our Pack, there are a few things that we will give you at your first meeting or two, including:

What to Buy - Scout Shop

There are a few Scout Shops in the area... but the recommended one for us is located in the N.S.C. Leadership Center  6202 Bloomington Road, Fort Snelling, MN 55111.  This is where you will need to go to purchase a uniform, activity book, and any other supplies that you would like.  Here is a list of all the items we recommend that new scouts purchase:

(Grades K-3) Navy Blue

(Grades 4-5) Navy Blue or Khaki/Tan

(Grades 6+) Khaki/Tan

Take a test drive

Not quite sure if Cub Scouts is for you?  Fill out this "More Info" form, and we will contact you and can answer any questions that you have.  Additionally, we will invite you to attend any of our events so that you can see what it is like, first hand, and talk to any of our many wonderful scouts and leaders.

Ready to join?

If you've decided that Cub Scouts is for you, then head on over to our "Join Pack 60" page for more information on registering!

If you have any questions... or if you would like to have an online, or in-person meeting to go over this or anything else you may have questions about, feel free to contact any of the people below.

Welcome to Pack 60!