October 2021


Pie in the face?! - Respond by Friday!

Yes, you heard me right! It's the return of the Scout favorite activity! HIT ONE OF OUR LEADERS WITH A PIE IN THE FACE!

Email by Friday with your Scout's name, number of WREATH items sold, and total WREATH dollar amount, and they will be entered into a drawing to hit one of our leaders with a pie in the face at our Carnival on Saturday!

Speaking of Saturday, please arrive and be ready to go by 1:00pm. We will have a brief Pack Meeting before kicking off our Carnival. The sooner we get our meeting started, the more time well have for games! Games will go until 3:00pm. Stay as long as you want.

We are looking forward to seeing all the Scouts and their creative costumes!

Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 16 - Trick-or-Treat Carnival - 1:00pm @ Stonemill Farms Resident's Club

Mon, Nov 1 - Wreath & Popcorn Orders/Money Due @ Tillman Residence - 7285 Newbury Draw

Thurs, Nov 4 - Pack Meeting - Uniform Inspection - 6:30pm @ Lake Middle School Cafeteria


Hello Pack 60! Our Scouting year is off to a roaring start! Here are some important announcements as we try to keep up the momentum:

Upcoming Events - Full Calendar

Trick or Treat Carnival - Saturday, Oct 16 @ Stonemill Farm Resident's Club - 1:00-3:00pm

This is taking the place of our October Pack Meeting. Come join us for a brief pack meeting, followed by a whole slew of carnival style games prepared for us by the Bear Den! Costumes are not required, but are HIGHLY encouraged! All Scouts in attendance will earch this year's "Carnival Patch"! See ALL the details here!

Uniform Inspection Pack Meeting - Thursday, Nov 4 @ Lake Middle School Cafeteria - 6:30-7:45pm

This is your chance to show off all of your awards! So, make sure to get your uniform all prepped, and look your best! You'll be judged by various community members in THEIR uniforms! If your uniform isn't perfect, that's OK, as long as you try your best, and pledge to fix up the things that aren't quite up to par, you'll walk away with this year's "5-Star Inspection" patch!

Important Announcements

Den Meetings

By now, your Den Leader should be in contact with you with plans for working on Den Requirements. For the Lion (K) and Tiger (1st) Dens, things might be a little slower to get off the ground. If you haven't heard anything from them by the Trick-or-Treat Carnival, please reach out to and we'll try to help get this going. is our online advancement tracking system. Unfortunately, due registration issues this year, not all of the new scouts have accounts in Scoutbook yet. We are working to get that corrected. In the meantime, keep track of your advancement in your physical Scout Rank Books, and we will get the online records updated as soon as possible.

Pack Meeting Location

Due to conflicts at New Life Academy, we've had to find a new location to host our monthly Pack Meetings. Therefore, until further notice, we will be using the Lake Middle School Cafetorium (3133 Pioneer Dr, Woodbury) for our gatherings. We've used this space in the past, and we feel that it will adequately support our needs. Pack Meetings will generally start at 6:30pm on the 2nd Thursday of the month, but be sure to double-check the calendar, as there ARE a few exceptions.

Popcorn Fundraiser

We are still in need of Scouts to staff the storefronts on Oct 9 & 10, Oct 16 & 17, and Oct 30 & 31. These storefront will net you $150+ in sales per shift, and are the EASIEST way to achieve your $250/$350 fundraising quota, or to earn that next level prize! Sign up NOW before the shifts are full!

Wreath Fundraiser

Email with your current wreath totals by Friday, Oct 15 to be entered into a drawing for a special prize at our Trick-or-Treat Carnival! The more you sell, the better chance you have of winning!

Volunteers Needed

We are still in need of volunteers to help our Pack operate as smoothly as possible. If you are interested in helping out in any of these positions, or have some other talent to offer, please contact Erik McKloskey at

  • Advancement Chair: Once a Month - Approve the advancement records in Scoutbook, and purchase the awards from the Scout Shop at Base Camp near Fort Snelling. Become informed of other awards that Scouts may earn and help advertise them to the Committee and families.

  • Assistant Cubmaster: Assist the Cubmaster and other Assistant Cubmasters with the planning and execution of our monthly Pack Meetings and other Pack Events.

  • Committee Member: Attend our monthly Committee Meetings to help us plan and organize our upcoming events. New ideas are always welcome!

  • Scribe: Assist the Committee by helping keep notes of discussions and decisions made. Help develop consistent and clear communications for our Website and email blasts.

  • Webmaster: Help keep our website organized and up to date with useful information

New Scouts

We are blessed to have 17 new scouts joining us this year! Please welcome them into our Pack, and help them to have a successful first year with us!

All new scouts should have received a 1) fishing pole, 2) Water Bottle containing 2a) Cub Scout T-Shirt, and 2b) Free Fall Day Camp Pass, 3) Neckerchief & Slide, and 4) a Den Number patch. If you haven't received any of these yet, please contact Jason Tillman at

If you have ANY questions, please reach out to any of the leaders in our Pack, or to or

May 2021


As we close out our 2020-21 scouting year, I’ve got a couple of important announcements.

Complete ALL requirements by JUNE 1st

ALL work for the current rank MUST be completed by June 1! If the work is not completed, your scout WILL still move on to the next rank with their den. However, they will NOT earn the patch for the rank they are currently working towards (Lion/Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos).

Many scouts and families simply need to complete the Youth Protection requirements, which must be repeated each year. To complete the requirements, simply follow the instructions on the Den Resources section of our website, or following this link:

If you feel that your scout will not be able to complete the requirements by June 1, but DO want them to earn the rank patch, please reach out to your Den Leader and me, and we can come up with a plan to get them across the finish line.

RSVP for Picnic (even if you can't attend)

Our end-of-year picnic and award ceremony is scheduled for June 5, a week from Saturday. Many families have not yet RSVP’d. Even if you will not be attending, please go to the following link and RSVP so that we have a good count on how many people we need to provide food for.



Please! Have your scout invite a friend or two to come along and have some fun with us at the picnic! No RSVP needed, but it wouldn’t hurt. If someone you invite does join us, please introduce them to one of the leaders to that we can answer any questions that they might have about Scouting.

Volunteers Needed

We are desperately in need of some new parent volunteers! Many hands make light work. Also, by volunteering, you’re setting an example for your scout that you are committed to their scouting experience, and they are more likely to be excited about being a Scout! Following are some specific positions we are looking for. If you aren’t interested in any of those, please talk to us and we can find something suitable for your interests and commitment level.

a. Wreath Coordinator – works with the Popcorn coordinator to promote our fall fundraiser

b. Awards Coordinator – works with the Cubmaster and Committee Chair to purchase and distribute awards once every month or two.

c. Cubmaster – The “Face” for the pack! Works with den leaders and other leaders to help plan and run our group events.

d. Committee Chair – The organizational agent working behind the scenes to make sure we have a plan, and that we have the necessary leaders to execute that plan.

Thank you for your continued support of our Scouting program!

Jason Tillman - Assistant Cubmaster

Woodbury Cub Scout Pack 60

May 2021


Pack Picnic & End of Year Deadline

It's been a strange year, but we've managed to keep on Scouting!

Award Ceremony & Culver's Custard; Gingerbread Houses; Medallion Hunts; Christmas Card Making; Snow Creations; Sledding Day; Polar Cubs; Pinewood Derby; Bike Rodeo... and now Pack Picnic, and soon, SUMMER CAMP!

May 31 Deadline

Our Scouting year officially ends on May 31. If you haven't completed all of your requirements for your current rank yet, or want to get one last elective beltloop completed, then you have less than 2 weeks to get it done. Please make sure to go into Scoutbook and mark items as complete... especially the Cyber Chip and Youth Protection components which can be easily overlooked. If you have questions, please reach out to your Den Leader.

Pack Picnic & Awards - Sat. June 5

Returning to tradition, we will be having a Pack Picnic on Saturday, June 5, at Stonemill Farms Park in Woodbury (11500 Sawmill Curve). We will be starting promptly at 11:00am with our Award Ceremony, so don't be late! The scouts will each be receiving their Rank Award, and all of the beltloops and pins to go with it. They will also get to walk through our Cub-o- matic which will magically transform them into the next rank! After our awards are complete, we will take some time to have lunch and converse. Finally, we will end our day with a variety of activities for the scouts to perform, including: 2-Liter Bottle Rockets; Blanket Ball; Kick Ball; Raingutter Regatta; and more!

To help us plan for food, please RSVP here ASAP:

Items Needed: Please save any empty 2-Liter bottles that you have and bring them to the Pack Picnic. The scouts will decorate them and turn them into rocket ships which will be launched after lunch.

INVITE-A-FRIEND: Do you have a friend in your school or neighborhood that you think would enjoy Cub Scouts? Invite them to join our Picnic! They'll get to hear about all the fun that we have, and will get to participate in our after-lunch activities! If they decide to join, you'll earn a cool "Recruiter" patch for yourself, and best of all... you'll have another friend to hang out with at summer camp!

We are looking forward to seeing all of your smiling faces at the picnic!

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Tillman


March 2021


Pinewood Derby - Work Week!

Our Pinewood Derby turn-in is only 9 DAYS AWAY!

Spring Break is the perfect time to start working on your cars if you haven't already, and put the finishing touches on them!

Even if you ARE NOT racing this year, PLEASE go to our website and fill out the registration survey on the right side so that we know who will be racing.

If you ARE racing, then please go and sign up for a timeslot to turn in your cars on Saturday, March 13.

If you want to participate, but simply don't have the tools available to cut the cars:

  • Joann and Michaels usually sell cars that are pre-cut. Just use these with the wheels from your kit.

  • Or, reach out to me. I'm more than willing to help Scout cut their cars into some basic shapes so that they can start decorating.

Remember, adults and siblings are encouraged to turn in cars too! We currently have 30 cars registered. I'd love to see that rise up closer to 60! So, get registered, and start your engines!!!

Important Dates

  • Saturday - March 13 - Car Turn-In - Tillman’s House (7285 Newbury Draw, Woodbury)

/Sign-up for a timeslot here:

  • Sunday, March 14 - Tuesday, March 16 - Voting is LIVE for our design awards.

Go to our Website or

  • Thursday, March 18 - 6:30pm - Virtual Auto Show and Awards!

Tune in to see all of our cars and see who gets to take home the hardware!

As always, please reach out to me with any questions.

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Tillman


February 2021


Pinewood Derby - Important Announcements

Our Pinewood Derby Plans for this year and coming together nicely. Here is some important information that everyone needs to know in order to participate in this year’s Pinewood Derby!

  1. All of this information is available on our website.

As always, please look at our website for all of the UP-TO-DATE information, including:

  • Important Dates

  • Links to the Pre-Registration Survey and Car Turn-In Appointments

  • Rules

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  1. If you still NEED a car, please contact Jason Tillman ( 651-983-1687) right away.

  1. EVERYONE (even non-participants) - Pre-Register ASAP

Please go to the website above, and fill out the Pre-Registration form on the right side, EVEN IF you are NOT participating. This will give us a better idea of how many racers we should expect to have, so that we can plan this event to run as smoothly as possible.

  1. Important Dates

  • Saturday - March 13 - Car Turn-In

    • Location: Tillman’s House (7285 Newbury Draw, Woodbury)

    • Time: 8:00am-12:00pm - Sign-up for a timeslot here:

    • Pre-Turn-In Checklist

      • Make sure your car weighs as close to 5oz as possible, but NOT OVER! We may be able to make minor modifications, but will not have the time or tools to make major modifications at turn in.

      • Make sure you have a name picked out for your car.

      • If it isn’t obvious, please put an arrow on the bottom of your car indicating which end is the FRONT of the car.

      • Plan to have the owner of the car attend the turn-in event in their scout uniform (if applicable) so that we can get a picture of them with their car to be used in our Auto Show and Derby presentation.

  • Sunday, March 14 - Tuesday, March 16 - Voting is LIVE for our design awards.

This year, Scouts get to vote for their favorites in ALL of our categories!

Go to our Website or

  • Thursday, March 18 - 6:30pm - Virtual Auto Show and Awards!

Tune in to see all of our cars and see who gets to take home the hardware!

As always, please reach out to me with any questions.

Yours in Scouting,

Jason Tillman



Fabulous February Everyone!

Can you believe we're already 1/12th of the way through 2021?!

Here are some important announcements for all of our upcoming activities.

Be sure to RSVP for our upcoming events to ensure that we will have space available for you!

1) Please bookmark our NEW Pack Website

Instead of digging through emails to try to find the latest information about our Pack Events... check out our website instead! We are trying to keep all the important information there so that it is quickly within reach. If you have suggestions about the content or organization of items on the website, please reach out to

2) RSVP ASAP for Winter Activity Day @ Cottage Grove Ravine Park - Sat, Feb 13 - 10am-1pm

We still have room available for participants for our Winter Activity Day. Consisting of 3 1-hour activity rotations, this event is sure to please! Ice fishing, snow shoeing, and cross country skiing! Please go to the activity page on our website to register so that we have enough volunteers and gear for everyone!

3) RSVP ASAP for Polar Cubs Day Camp @ Camp Phillippo - Cannon Falls, MN - Sat, Feb 20 - 8am-3pm

Register by Thursday, Feb 4 to guarantee your spot. Late registrations are welcome, but only if there is still room available. Polar Cubs is always a load of fun, especially when we have a decent amount of snow! Check out the activity page linked above for more details.

4) Snow Sculptures for our Feb, 11 Pack Meeting

Our next Pack Meeting is coming up on Thursday, Feb 11 @ 6:30pm. Before then, get outside and make a snow sculpture to celebrate the Winter Carnival and all things winter here in MN! Submit your photos by Tuesday, Feb 9 so that we can share it with the entire Pack! Check out the activity link above for more details.

5) PINEWOOD DERBY!!! - Complete your cars by March 1

In case you missed the last Pack Meeting, it was announced that it is now PINEWOOD DERBY SEASON! That's right Scouts! Break out those saws, sandpaper and paint! Get your cars completed by March 1. Then, wait for an announcement about when and where to turn your cars in. Leaders will then race the cars and video record the results so that we can all watch us during a LIVE ZOOM EVENT! Check out the activity link above for ALL the details!

6) Pack 60 Medallion Hunt Update - Final Medallion Hunt starts Friday, Feb 5!

Thanks to you, our 1st ever Pack 60 Winter Medallion Hunt has been a huge success! Some medallions have been easy to find, and others, not so much! All I know is that we've got some real super sleuths in our Pack who have been able to decipher the clues with ease! There's still 1 medallion left to find, so get out there an HUNT!

Congratulations to all of our winners so far:

  • Lion Medallion - Mason Behning - Webelos Den

  • Tiger Medallion - Sawyer Seleskie - Tiger Den

  • Wolf Medallion - Caden Cretzmeyer - Wolf Den

  • Bear Medallion - Nicholas Tillman - AoL Den

  • Webelos Medallion - Benji Blake - Webelos Den

  • AoL Medallion - Still to be found!

7) Summer Camp - Save the Date! - Friday, June 25@6:00pm - Sunday, June 27@Noon - Camp Phillippo Scout Scamp - Cannon Falls, MN

I know it's hard to think about Summer Camp with all that snow out there... but reservations have already been made for current K-3rd grade members of Pack 60 to attend. Check out for more details!

* Current 4th grade scouts - contact your Den Leaders to find out plans for a separate AoL camp just for your Den!

Keep Scouting!

Chris Blake - Cubmaster

Ross Dahlin & Jason Tillman - Asst. Cubmasters

January 2021



Our Medallion Hunt has started! Be sure to check out the Medallion Hunt page in the Pack Events for all the details!

Upcoming Events

Check out the Pack Event page for information on our upcoming events!

  • Pack 60 Medallion Hunt - NOW thru Feb 11

  • Zoom Pack Meeting - Thurs, Jan 14

  • Pack Sledding Day - Sat, Jan 30

  • Winter Activity Day - Sat, Feb 13

  • Polar Cubs - Sat, Feb 20

December 2020


Upcoming Events

Check out the Pack Event page for information on our upcoming events!

  • Pack 60 Medallion Hunt

  • Winter Activity Day

  • Polar Cubs

  • Pack Sledding Day

November 2020


Scoutbook Login Issues

The Scoutbook website recently underwent some technical changes, and they have inadvertently messed up logins for many people.

In order to login, do not go to anymore. Instead, go to If that link does not take you to Scoutbook, then you will need to clear your browser's cache, and cookies for Instructions on how to do this can be found here:

  1. Clear your cache:

  2. Clearing Cookies for Scoutbook sites:

  3. Try connecting to again.

If you continue to have troubles connecting to Scoutbook, please contact


Hello Pack 60! We’ve got some EXCITING news for you regarding our upcoming events!

Event Summary (details below):

  1. Sat, Dec 5 - Salvation Army Bells at Cabela’s - 10am-4pm (30 minute sessions)

  2. Thurs, Nov 27 - Sun, Nov 30: Gingerbread / Christmas Card Pickup at Tillman Residence

  3. Thurs, December 10 - Pack Meeting - 6:30pm

1st Ever Virtual Pack Meeting & Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

  1. Fri, December 11 - Friday December 18 - Decorate Christmas Cards for residents of Select Senior Living in Coon Rapids

  2. January - Pack 60 Winter Medallion Hunt - Dates T.B.D.

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

We still have many open spots for our Annual Salvation Army Bell Ringing event. Please sign up ASAP so that we know we have it covered. Sessions are only 30 minutes each, so feel free to sign up for 2 back-to-back shifts… especially for older scouts.

When: Saturday, December 5th, 10am-4pm

Where: Cabela’s - Woodbury


Gingerbread Kit / Christmas Card Pickup

Please stop by the Tillman residence to pick up Gingerbread House and Christmas Card kits.

Gingerbread House kits are 1 per Scout, and will be used for our upcoming Pack Meeting.

Christmas Card kits are “take a few, but leave a few for others”. Decorate cards as you wish. They will be collected after the Pack Meeting and given to residents of Select Senior Living in Coon Rapids.

If you don’t pick up your kits, your Den Leaders will need to deliver them to you. So, please save your Den Leader some time and make it a point to stop by and pick up your kits.

When: Thursday, Nov 27 - Sunday, Nov 30 - All Day

Where: Tillman Residence Front Step - 7285 Newbury Draw, Woodbury 55125

December Virtual Pack Meeting - Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

  1. Pick up your Gingerbread House Kit at the Tillman’s house Nov 27-30, or provide your own.

  2. Decorate your Gingerbread House according to the rules listed below and submit a picture no later than Tuesday, December 8.

  3. Join the Pack 60 Zoom Meeting on Thursday, December 10 at 6:30pm to see all the cool designs and vote for your favorite!

Zoom Meeting Information: Check your email or Scoutbook.

Rules for the Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

  • Pick up starter materials from the Tillman residence

  • You can use the materials provided, or your own, as you see fit

  • Scouts should work with their Adult Partners to design and construct the best Gingerbread House that they can.

  • Visible elements should be 100% edible (but don’t worry, we won’t make you eat it!)

  • Support structure can be made of other materials (cardboard, popsicle sticks, etc.), but should be covered to the best of your ability.

  • Each Scout will receive 1 kit, but can add as much additional material as they want

  • Each Scout can submit 1 house

  • Siblings can combine their efforts into 1 submission if they want.

  • Awards will be handed out for the following categories:

    • Biggest

    • Funniest

    • Most Appetizing

    • Winter Themed

    • Scout Themed

    • 2020/COVID Themed

    • Most Bling!

  • Submit your BEST photo to by Tuesday, December 8 @ 11:59pm.

    • In your email, please include:

      • Scout’s Name / Rank / Den

      • Name of your Gingerbread House (if applicable)

      • Any interesting facts or descriptions that you want people to know.

  • Go to to see all the submissions

  • Log in to the Pack Zoom Meeting on Thursday, Dec 10 and vote for your favorite!

Decorate Christmas Cards for residents of Select Senior Living in Coon Rapids

Using the Christmas Card Kits that you picked up, or any other materials you want, design, assemble, and decorate cards that can be given to residents of Select Senior Living in Coon Rapids to help brighten their holidays.

Please drop completed cards off in the dropbox on the Tillman’s front step

When: Between Friday, December 11 and Friday December 18.

Where: Tillman Residence - 7285 Newbury Draw, Woodbury 55125

Pack 60 Winter Medallion Hunt

Who wants to find some hidden treasure?!

In January, we will be hosting a Medallion Hunt in local Woodbury Parks. Just like the Winter Carnival Medallion Hunt, but with a Pack 60 twist!

Get outside! Have some fun! Win prizes!

Watch the Medallion Hunt website for more information!

See you soon!

Chris Blake - Your Cheerful Cubmaster

Ross Dahlin & Jason Tillman - His Merry Minions