Medallion Hunt

January 2021

The Webelos Medallion Has Been Found!

Congratulations to Webelos Scout Benji Blake! This afternoon he found the Webelos Medallion at the base of a small juniper tree near the ballfield at Liberty Park. We have our final AOL Medallion hunt starting Friday, Feb. 5th (AOL Scouts) and Sunday, Feb. 7th (the entire Pack 60).

Congrats to Matthew (and Kate) R. for finding the Arrow of Light Medallion!

Matthew and Kate braved sub-zero temperatures to find the medallion underneath a basketball hoop in Seasons Park.

AoL Medallion Clues

Clue #1: Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall

Cub Scouts know to love us all

Whether by walking, biking, or driving

My location you could be deriving

Clue #2: The silver wood of summer nights

Finds felt green balls flying on your right

Look high and look low Then maybe you’ll know

How baskets are shot when you’re in the flow

Congrats to Benji B. for finding the Webelos Medallion!

The medallion was found in Liberty Park at the base of a small juniper tree. .

Webelos Medallion Clues

Clue #1: “Copper sheets adorn my robe, for Bartholdi enlightened the world!”

Clue #2: "Once rung on Election Day to hand in your ballots, it developed a crack and we put down the mallet. When venturing out consider this symbol, and dream of fields where a big crack is ideal!"

Clue #3: Coming - Mon, February 1

Clue #4: Coming - Mon, February 1

Clue #5: Coming - Tues, February 2

Clue #6: Coming - Wed, February 3

Clue #7: Coming - Thurs, February 4

Congrats to Nicholas T. for finding the Bear Medallion!

The medallion was underneath the fishing pier at Powers Lake Park.

Bear Medallion Clues

Clue #1: For heroes by necessity or sometime mistake they acquire

For villains it’s their one true desire

Clue #2: Is the force with you

or did a spider bite you?

This now flows through you

Clue #3: A clue I shall give you one more

This place seems to appear first in 2004

Clue #4: To seek your medallion plunder

Not over shall you look but …

Congrats to Caden C. for finding the Wolf Medallion!

The medallion was found in a grove of trees in Carver Park.

Wolf Medallion Clues

Clue #1: The voyage was Epic, don't be a skeptic. We have arrived on a rock, and I wrote a pact.

Clue #2: All was quiet on my Sandy shores. Up on the hill there once was a camp. A hub of activity but stay clear of the ramp!

Clue #3: Caution! Be careful when trekking for it is slippery out there. Off to your left and down in between, some trees are alive and others, there dead!

Clue #4: While it's easy to peel, please do not steal. Combined with some sap I once made a great craft!

Clue #5: Do not fear for the end post is near it. A split rail divides nature from pavement.

Clue #6: Before trekking down consider what's around. The best hiding places could be in tight spaces.

Congrats to Sawyer S. for finding the Tiger Medallion with only 2 clues!

The medallion was found in Stonemill Farms Park (a.k.a. Spiderman Park), behind the baseball field, between the backstop and the equipment lockbox.

Tiger Medallion Clues

Clue #1: To most, it's just a mild-mannered, run-of-the-mill park.

However, a true Parker will know the location better by its super secret identity.

Clue #2: By Spiderman’s name it is best known;

but it is really a southern park of Stone.

Surrounded by curves of wind and wood;

plan to start in the middle you should.

From there, look around and imagine summer days;

when the park is full of kids who like to play.

But super-heroes beware… something foul is on the breeze;

it seems our tiger medallion has had an encounter with Mr. Freeze!

Clue #3: At the pavilion, our Pack has routinely gathered;

each year with sunscreen slathered.

To hand out awards, eat, and play;

on a bright and sunny day.

The medallion you seek is an award like no other;

but near the playground you should not bother.

Instead of climbing like Spiderman, another hero you should ponder;

with the medallion encased in ice, where is the bat-man, I wonder?

Clue #4: Batman has many tools which he uses to fight Two-Face;

and all the other criminals looking to steal, and overrun his base.

With items like the bat-mobile and bat-plane, it’s obvious he likes his toys;

but it really is a boy-wonder that his sidekick isn’t named bat-boy

Clue #5: With no cave in sight, narry even a hint of the bat-phone;

it’s obvious that we’ve been dreaming, as this ISN’T batman’s home.

We aren’t in a comic book… everything we see is real;

yet in this place, there are still people that would hit and steal.

If it is the medallion that you seek, far from here you need not roam;

‘tis not a super hero, yet a masked individual still protects this home.

Clue #6: We aren’t super heroes, but we must still be vigilant, like the dark-knight;

to keep our valuables safe, we put them behind cages, or locked up really tight.

To find THIS treasure, you need not break anything, please treat everything nice;

but once you find what you are looking for, you may need to break the ice.

Clue #7: Still looking for the medallion? It’s not too hard to see;

but from the right viewing point, you must be.

Not a house, but home nonetheless;

stand upon the plate and look toward the fence.

Between the links and a lockbox painted yellow;

on the ground you should see our frozen little fellow.

In a rounded block of ice, is the medallion that you seek;

run ‘round to claim it, and the reward is yours to keep.

Congrats to Mason B. (Webelos Den) on finding the Lion Medallion!

The Medallion was found in Victoria Park between a Red Pine and Tamarack Tree, near a berm on the ground in the grass & snow.

Lion Medallion Clues

Clue #1: "When I was your ruler all young boys wore dresses. They were so practical to clean up the messes!"

Clue #2: "My well to do subjects hit shots with their rackets. Now put on your jacket and orientate east, while sleeping turtles and frogs are under your feet."

Clue #3: "Up on the berm and make a slight turn. You spy trees that have needles and some that are bare. What lies between, well you'll find it right there!"

Clue #4: "From atop looking down at our majestic state tree, it stands on its own with two needles, not three."

Clue #5: "March near a larch, but not too close, who knows. A blue house is near, whenever you’re here. "

Clue #6: "Look under the grass that’s encrusted in snow. The berm to your west would be the best!"

Clue #7: "Tromped and stomped over and over and buried deep as a gopher. Brought to the surface and on top of the snow, keep up the faith, you'll find it, I know. A lion is strong and will persist, so don't give up hope, for the Medallion exists!"

Pack 60 Medallion Hunt Rules

Welcome to Pack 60’s first annual Medallion Hunt!

Beginning January 1st, 2021 and continuing for six weeks, six medallions will be hidden in different Woodbury City Parks.

  • These are actually metal “hiking staff medallions” that are about 1 ½ inches across and can be attached to a hiking stick. The medallions will be frozen in a small block of ice.

  • The six medallions will be hidden in six different Woodbury Parks, beginning with Lion and working up thru the ranks. Locations and clues will become more difficult for each medallion. For each of the six hunts, the particular rank will get a head start with the first three clues sent via email to parents on Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Beginning Sunday, the two previous day's clues will be posted to the Medallion Hunt Website and the hunt is open to the whole Pack.

  • Once the Medallion is found, email a photo of the scout with the Medallion to along with the name of the Scout, and the location where the Medallion was found. That lucky Scout will then win the prize for that week. Once a Scout finds a Medallion and earns a prize, they are not able to participate for the remainder of the hunt. This method will allow greater equity to have the prizes distributed among the ranks.

  • When the hunt begins, clues will first be emailed daily to the Scouts of that rank. (See the Clue Schedule located below)

  • Starting the following Monday, clues will be posted on to the Medallion Hunt website each day, so that the rest of the Pack may participate.

  • The Medallion Hunt website:

  • As the clues progress for each individual medallion, they will first reveal the name of the park and then hone in a particular location within that park. The clue on the last day, Thursday, should be obvious enough for the medallion to be found.

  • Parents can help but are encouraged to let the scouts figure out the clues and find the medallions.

  • Everyone should have received a Woodbury City Park & Trails Map inside their Gingerbread House Kit. Otherwise, maps can be found online at:

Clue Schedule