Pack 60 

& Troop 559

Popcorn Sale

Important News


Click HERE to see the End of Sale Instructions at the bottom of the page.

All orders need to be entered as a "Wagon Sale" in the app/website by Monday, Oct 30.

Money owed can be paid by Credit Card through the App, or via Cash/Check dropped off in the lockbox at Cubmaster Tillman's house.


1) Set a Goal - Get Free Chicken!

All Scouts who set a goal in the Trail's End App by Oct 1 will receive a coupon for a FREE kid's meal from Raising Cane's Chicken!

2) Find a Door-to-Door MYSTERY HOUSE!

There are at least 10 houses in the Woodbury area!  If you knock on that door and ask them to support Scouting, you will win a FREE PIZZA from Papa Murphy's!  You Unit will also be entered into a drawing for $500 in free food/entertainment for a Pack Meeting/Award Ceremony

3)  Earn the Road Rally Blitz sticker!

Sell $500 in the first 10 days (by Oct 2)  and earn the Road Rally Blitz water bottle sticker! (And, earn your first $10 Amazon Gift Card too!)

There are 3 ways to sell!

Do you want to check out popcorn?!

If you would like to check out some popcorn so that you have some on hand as you go door-to-door, please email with what you want.

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, September 22 – 5:00pm

Popcorn Sale Starts – DO NOT SELL Door-to-Door BEFORE THIS DATE.  However, you MAY pre-sell to family and friends.

Weekends (and some evenings) between September 24th thru October 30th

2 hour Show & Sell storefront shifts at local businesses.

Sign up for Shifts through the Trails-End app or Website.

Tuesday, October 18

All unsold popcorn MUST be returned to the Popcorn Chair by this date.  You may still sell popcorn, but product will only be available on a case-by-case basis until AFTER the storefront sales end on Sunday, October 29th.

Sunday, October 29 

Last day of the sale. Remaining popcorn will be used to fill outstanding Scout orders.

Monday, October 30

Popcorn Money is Due! in the lockbox at the Tillman household - 7285 Newbury Draw - or via credit card payment through the App

Wednesday, November 8

Popcorn prize orders are due to the Popcorn Kernel

November 18-19

Delivery of any backordered popcorn to the Scout

Why sell Popcorn?

It easily compliments Wreath Sales:

Simply ask people "Would you like to buy a Christmas Wreath or Popcorn to support Scouting?" It's truly that simple!

Many people don't want a wreath because they travel for the winter, or already have an artificial wreath. Popcorn gives them an alternative way to support Scouting. Some people KNOW about the annual popcorn sale and love to support it.

It helps pay for camp:

Popcorn sales are the OFFICIAL Scout Fundraiser for our Council.  73% of the proceeds stay LOCAL, either within our Pack and Troop, or within our Council, funding local camps, staff, and operations.

It funds our Units:

It provides our Unit with operating funds to buy supplies, fund activities, and help keep the cost of Scouting low. See the Pack/Troop breakouts below for more specific information.

It teaches life skills:

More important than money, Scouts learn MANY life skills by selling Wreaths and Popcorn including:

YOUR Scout earns money!:

A percentage of ALL of your Scout's sales will be put into a “Scout Account” which can be used to pay for dues, camp fees, camping gear, or other things which are scout related.  It give your Scout a way to fund their own adventures.  See the Pack/Troop breakouts below for more specific information.

Pack 60 - Cub Scouts

It funds our Pack:

Our fall fundraisers are important to the operation of our Pack, as they provide around 66% of our operating budget.  Each Scout is asked to sell $350 in popcorn and wreaths combined ($500 for families). Historically, we have had great success with this fundraiser, allowing us to operate without asking for additional dues beyond the yearly registration.

YOUR Scout earns money!:

After reaching the threshold of $350($500/family), 20% of your scout's sales will be placed in their “Scout Account” which can be used to pay for dues, camp fees, camping gear, or other things which are scout related.

Troop 559 - Scouts BSA

It funds our Troop:

Most of the money earned by our fundraisers goes directly to the Scout. However, a small portion of sales is used to purchase Troop gear, such as tents, patrol box supplies, cooking gear, etc.

YOUR Scout earns money!:

Troop Scouts earn 10% their combined (wreath/popcorn/flower) sales under $100, and 30% of their sales over $100.  The $100 threshold resets each September, at the beginning of our Scouting year.

Prizes / Incentives:

Pack 60 - Cub Scouts

Door-to-Door/Online Top Sellers:

The TOP door-to-door/online sellers (not including Storefront sales) will receive a Target Gift Card!

1st Place = $30;  2nd Place = $20;  3rd Place = $10;  Top Family (2+ scouts) = $30

Scout Account Credit:

Scouts will receive a 20% credit for all sales BEYOND the $350/500 quota in combined popcorn and wreaths.  This credit can be used to pay annual dues; camp registration fees; or to purchase camping gear or other scout related items

Popcorn Patch:

Sell 1 item to earn this year’s Popcorn Sale Patch.

Amazon Gift Cards:

Sell $500 and qualify for a $10 Amazon gift card!  Sell more, and receive an even LARGER gift card!

Make sales via Credit Card to earn rewards even FASTER!

Bonus Prizes (in addition to the prizes above):

Choose from many options, including:  Nickelodeon Universe, St. Paul Saints, Vertical Endeavors; MN Zoo;  Valleyfair;  Camp Cash; and more!

Join all of the other Top Sellers for an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast at BSA Base Camp, with special guests, and prizes! 

Troop 559 - Scouts BSA

Up to 30% Scout Account Credit:

Scouts will receive up to a 30% credit for ALL sales in combined popcorn and wreaths, based on Troop fundraising rules. This credit can be used to pay annual dues; camp registration fees; or to purchase camping gear or other scout related items

Popcorn Patch:

Sell 1 item to earn this year’s Popcorn Sale Patch.

Amazon Gift Cards:

NOTE: Depending on how well our fundraiser performs, the Scouts MAY or MAY NOT earn Amazon gift cards. However, if they DO earn Amazon gift cards, those gift cards are part of the Scout's 30% scout account earnings.  This is because the Troop earns 4% less because of the gift card rewards.  There, in order to ensure that the Troop still gets its cut of the fundraising proceeds, Scouts who earn a gift card will have a value up-to, but not exceeding, the amount of the gift card deducted from their 30% earnings.  In other words, Scouts earning gift cards will have total earnings (scout account + gift card) GREATER THAN OR EQUAL to the traditional 30%, and the Troop will still get it's 4%.  Please contact Mr. Tillman if you have questions or concerns. 

Bonus Prizes:

New This Year:

1.25x REWARD POINTS for all Credit Card orders.

1.25x REWARD POINTS for all Online orders.


Sea Salt Snack 28pk Snack Pack

S'Mores Popcorn

Chocolatey Pretzels price has increased to $25

Holiday/Circle K Cup - has replaced the Camp Slushie Cup

Online store has additional products that are not available in person.

Ways to Sell:

Door-to-Door / In Person

Sell to friends, family, and neighbors, for personal delivery by the Scout.

With an adult, the Scout goes door to door with the Popcorn Order Form and Trails-End App.  Or, call or visit friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Collect payment at the time of the sale.

Popcorn and Wreaths can be paid for with 1 check. However, wreath forms must be turned in separately from popcorn forms, so you will be responsible for using your cash sales to appropriately split the payments.

Credit card payments must go through the Trail's End App, and must be for POPCORN ONLY.

Deliver product immediately if you have it on-hand.  Otherwise:

Email or call the Popcorn Kernel no more than once a week to request popcorn to cover sold orders

Pick up the popcorn from the Popcorn Kernel at the agreed time and location.

Deliver the popcorn to the customer within 1 week of the sale if possible.

Because it is a food item, please do not leave product on the doorstep if no one is home. Instead, attempt redelivery later.

Local Storefront Sales:

Sign up for a 2 hour shift in front of a local business. The EASIEST way to sell!

To make the sale as easy as possible for Scouts, the Popcorn Leadership Team has arranged to have a table full of popcorn set up in front of various local businesses.

Important Notes about Storefront Sales:

Why?  Because this sale is about more than just raising money.  Storefront sales help Scouts learn to not be confident and not shy around strangers. They learn to set goals, to communicate with adults, and to appropriately handle rejection.  Additionally, Scouts are expected to Do Their Best, and should be rewarded for that, even if situations were not in their favor.  For example, the Scout shouldn't be penalized for signing up for a shift that had slow sales because of rain.

Sales Credit Calculation:  The average shift sales for ALL shifts on ALL days by ALL Scouts.

Trail's End Online Store:

Sell to your friends and family ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

● Login to:

Set up your own personal Digital Storefront via the Trails-End App/Website

(See the Trails-End App/Website section for more information)

Get a personal link to share with family and friends.

Different products than in the catalog

All online orders of $55+ include FREE SHIPPING!

Online sales are shipped directly to the recipient.

The Scout does not have to handle money or popcorn, it is all handled automatically.


Support Hometown Heroes (Police, Fire, Military, Teachers, Public Servants, etc.)

Forms of Payment Accepted

Credit Cards (via the Trails End App) are PREFERRED


Financial Benefits to Scouting

73% of all sales goes back into Scouting locally:

Pack 60 Cub Scouts

Troop 559 Scouts BSA

Additional benefits to your Scout and Family:

Getting Started

The Trail’s End App and Website:

How do I get started?

Why use the App/Website?


Do I have to use the App/Website?


How can I accept a Credit Card payment?


What if I don’t have a phone/tablet to use?

Where can I learn more?

End of Sale Instructions

1) Enter your personal orders:

2) Turn in money:

Calculate What is Owed:

Pay by Credit Card (Preferred):

To pay by Credit Card, you MUST use the Trail's End App on your phone. When logged in to the app, click on "Wagon Sales", and there will be a "Pay Now" button next to your amount owed

Pay by Cash or Check:

(If a customer paid for both wreaths and popcorn with the same check, that is okay.  Simply remove enough popcorn cash to cover your wreath orders, so that the amount due is correct.)

3) Pick up your Popcorn:

Need Help?!

I was in a different Unit last year.  How do I change to Pack 60 / Troop 559

Because we are running join sale between Pack 60 and Troop 559, ALL Scouts MUST be registered in Trail's End with Pack 9060, because we are running a combined operation.  If you accidentally registered for Troop 559, or you were with a different unit last year:

I'm not seeing any storefronts in the App/Website

Make sure that you are registered as part of Pack 9060.  If you are registered at part of Troop 559, or a different unit from last year, you will need to change your unit to be Pack 9060.