Scout Sunday

Feb. 5th, 2023

The Boy Scouts of America was founded on February 8, 1910. To help recognize the contributions of youth and adults to the scouting movement, and to recognize the importance of a scout's Duty to God, scouts are encouraged to wear their uniforms to their religious services on this day.

Scout Sunday is a great day to show our partnership with Resurrection Lutheran Church, our chartered organization.

The Church has volunteer positions available for greeters and ushers at their 9 am and 10:30 am services that day. No experience necessary, just dress neatly in your Scout Uniform. Please arrive 20 minutes early (8:40 am and 10:10 am).

If you wish to participate, please email Ross Dahlin -

Another great option is to wear your uniform and volunteer at your home church. A Scout is Reverent!