Pack 60

Wreath Fundraiser

Important News


Early sellers will be put into a drawing to throw a whip cream pie into the face of one of our leaders at our October Pack Meeting

There are 2 ways to sell!

Make sure you get payment when they order!

Please don't plan to get payment when you deliver. Some people will not be home or will forget that they ordered from you. All payment is due BEFORE our wreath order is placed.

Contact Us:

Wreath "Holly" (Chair):

Clint Jamison

6830 Buckingham Ct,

Woodbury, MN 55125

Cell: (651) 348-6386


Other Resources:

2022 Sales Guide - PDF

Thank You Notes

Fillable Order Submission Form (Preferred)

Printable PDF Order Submission Form

Direct Ship Website - Use Code MCS#60

End of Sale Instructions

1) Fill out the Wreath Order Checker:

  • Click one of the following links to download/open the Wreath Order Submission Form:

Download for Microsoft Excel (requires Microsoft Excel, a Google Account, or another compatible program)

  • If you don't have Microsoft Excel or Google, here's a PDF version of the file that you can print.

  • Enter in your Scout's Name and Den

  • Enter in your order totals

  • Enter in your Cash and Check totals

  • Verify that the "Difference" field is $0

  • Print out the Submission Form.

  • All of your personal sales MUST be entered into the Trail's End Website or App (See the Getting Started section below if you haven't already created an account)

  • Enter all of your sales ASAP, but no later than November 1st.

  • If you need to enter an order after November 1, you MUST contact the popcorn chair to make sure that product is available.

2) Turn in money:

  • Print out your Wreath Order Submission Form

  • Place the Submission Form printout and all of you Cash and Checks into an envelope

  • Label the envelope with "WREATHS - SCOUT NAME"

  • DO NOT include your actual order forms... ONLY the Submission Form should be included

  • Place the envelope in the Lock Box outside the Tillman residence at 7285 Newbury Draw by Monday, November 1.

  • Email to let us know that you dropped off your order.

3) Pick up your Wreaths:

  • Wreaths will be available for pickup the weekend of November 19th.

  • Watch for further instructions closer to that time.

Important Dates to Remember

Thursday, September, 15

Wreath Sale Starts

Sunday, October 30

Last day of the sale.

Monday, October 31

Wreath Orders are Due! - Watch for instructions on how to fill out your order form online.

Wreath Money is Due! Put your money in an envelope labeled "Wreaths - <Scout's Name>" and put it in the lockbox at the Tillman household - 7285 Newbury Draw

Friday, November 18

Large wreath order pickup - 6830 Buckingham Ct, Woodbury, MN 55125

Saturday, November 19

Wreath Pickup - 6830 Buckingham Ct, Woodbury, MN 55125

Monday, November 28

Deadline to report issues with wreath products.

Why sell Wreaths and Popcorn?

It funds the pack:

Our fall fundraisers are important to the operation of our Pack, as they provide around 66% of our operating budget. Each Scout is asked to sell $250 in popcorn and wreaths combined ($350 for families). Historically, we have had great success with this fundraiser, allowing us to operate without asking for additional dues beyond the yearly registration.

It teaches life skills:

More important than money, Scouts learn MANY life skills by selling Wreaths and Popcorn including:

  • Learning to Set Goals

  • Building Communication Skills

  • Learning to Handle Rejection

  • Building Self-Confidence

YOUR Scout earns money!:

AFTER the scout has reached the $250/$350 threshold, the Scout will earn 20% of all additional sales, which will be placed in their “Scout Account” which can be used to pay for dues, camp fees, camping gear, or other things which are scout related. For example, selling $500 will earn the scout $50 for their personal use.

It pays for camp:

Popcorn sales are the OFFICIAL Scout Fundraiser for our Council. 73% of the proceeds stay LOCAL, either within our Pack, or within our Council, funding local camps, staff, and operations.

Prizes / Incentives:

Top Sellers:

The TOP Wreath sellers will receive a Target Gift Card!

1st Place = $30; 2nd Place = $20; 3rd Place = $10; Top Family (2+ scouts) = $20


  • Early sellers will be entered into to drawing to throw a whip cream pie into the face of one of our leaders at our October Pack Meeting!

  • Top Sellers in each Den will get to throw a pie into the face of the person of THEIR CHOICE at our November Pack Meeting!

Scout Account Credit:

Scouts will receive a 10-20% credit for ALL sales in combined popcorn and wreaths. This credit can be used to pay annual dues; camp registration fees; or to purchase camping gear or other scout related items

Wreath Patch:

Sell 1 item to earn this year’s Wreath Sale Activity Patch.

Pizza/Movie Party!!!

Sell $350/$500 in wreaths (popcorn sales don't count) and you will be invited to our Pizza/Movie party!

Ways to Sell:

Door-to-Door / In Person

Sell to friends, family, and neighbors, for personal delivery by the Scout.

● With an adult, the Scout goes door to door with the Popcorn Order Form and Trails-End App. Or, call or visit friends, neighbors, and relatives.

Collect payment at the time of the sale.

● Popcorn and Wreaths can be paid for with 1 check. However, wreath forms must be turned in separately from popcorn forms, so you will be responsible for using your cash sales to appropriately split the payments.

● Credit card payments must go through the Trail's End App, and must be for POPCORN ONLY.

● Deliver product immediately if you have it on-hand. Otherwise:

● Email or call the Popcorn Kernel no more than once a week to request popcorn to cover sold orders

● Pick up the popcorn from the Popcorn Kernel at the agreed time and location.

● Deliver the popcorn to the customer within 1 week of the sale if possible.

● Because it is a food item, please do not leave product on the doorstep if no one is home. Instead, attempt redelivery later.

Evergreen Online Store:

Sell to your friends and family ACROSS THE COUNTRY!

● Share the Evergreen Friends and Family Website with your friends and family:

Tell them to user Customer Group code MCS#60

Tell them to put YOUR Scout's Name is the Beneficiary field.

The website handles all payments and the product is shipped directly to the customer.


  • If someone would like to simply donate money to the Pack itself, we will gladly accept. The Scout will still earn a % towards their Scout Account for donations made this way.

Financial Benefits to Scouting

~35% of all sales goes back to Pack 60:

Pack 60 Cub Scouts

      • ~10-20% goes directly to the Scout

      • ~15% goes to the Pack to pay for the day to day operations of the Pack

Additional benefits to your Scout and Family:

  • Teaches Scouts the value & process of setting and working toward goals

  • Gives Scouts a strong sense of accomplishment through recognition

  • Enhances communication, leadership skills and confidence in your Scout

  • Gives Scouts a way to fund their own adventures

Forms of Payment Accepted


  • Checks need to be made payable to "Pack 60"

End of Sale Instructions

Stay tuned for more information!

Need Help?!

If you have any questions, please email and we will get back to you.