Why sell Wreaths and Popcorn?

It funds the pack:

Our fall fundraisers are important to the operation of our Pack, as they provide around 66% of our operating budget. Each Scout is asked to sell $350 in popcorn and wreaths combined ($500 for families). Historically, we have had great success with this fundraiser, allowing us to operate without asking for additional dues beyond the yearly registration.

It teaches life skills:

More important than money, Scouts learn MANY life skills by selling Wreaths and Popcorn including:

  • Learning to Set Goals

  • Building Communication Skills

  • Learning to Handle Rejection

  • Building Self-Confidence

YOUR Scout earns money!:

NEW THIS YEAR: 10% of ALL of your scout's sales will be placed in their “Scout Account” which can be used to pay for dues, camp fees, camping gear, or other things which are scout related. After reaching the threshold, and ADDITIONAL 10% (20% total) of all additional sales will be added to their Scout Account. For example, selling $500 will earn the scout $35 (10%) on the first $350 plus $30 (20%) on the additional $150, for a total of $60 for their personal scouting use.

It helps pay for camp:

Popcorn sales are the OFFICIAL Scout Fundraiser for our Council. 73% of the proceeds stay LOCAL, either within our Pack, or within our Council, funding local camps, staff, and operations.

Important Dates to Remember

Friday, September 23 Popcorn & Wreath Sales Start!

Saturdays and Sundays - Popcorn Storefronts at local businesses.

Sign up via the Trails-End app or Website

Tuesday, October 18 All unsold popcorn MUST be turned in.

Continue to take orders, for delivery after Oct 31.

Sunday, October 30Wreath and Popcorn Money and Orders are Due!

Wednesday, November 3 - Popcorn prize orders are due to the Popcorn Kernel

Friday, November 18 - Large wreath order pickup - Location to be determined

Saturday, November 19 10am-2pm: Wreath Pickup - Location to be determined

November 19-20 Delivery of backordered popcorn to the Scout

Monday, November 28 - Deadline to report issues with wreath Products

!!! PRIZES !!!

Wreath Prize Raffle

● Scouts who sell $350/$500 in WREATHS ALONE will be invited to a Pizza / Movie Party to celebrate!


  • Early sellers will be entered into to drawing to throw a whip cream pie into the face of one of our leaders at our October Pack Meeting!

  • Top Sellers in each Den will get to throw a pie into the face of the person of THEIR CHOICE at our November Pack Meeting!

Popcorn Prizes

● Everyone who sells will receive this year’s Popcorn Sale Patch.

● Every sale earns points that can be redeemed for Amazon Gift Cards, to buy the prize you WANT!

o Earn 500 points to qualify for your first Amazon Gift Card.

Bonus Prizes are available at additional sales levels.

More Information

Visit the Wreath and Popcorn pages for FULL information and updates:

· Popcorn:

· Wreaths:


Please contact:

Popcorn: Jason Tillman – - 651-983-1687

Wreaths: Clint Jamison – – 612-638-8943